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Strong Support Culture

We offer professional support and advice covering all aspects of Friesian ownership to all our members


Offering education and training to all our members

Offer Annual Inspections

Offering annual inspections to ensure a platform to educate and measure our breeding achievements based on a consistent worldwide standard.

Our Objectives

Sustainable Member Subscription

Build upon our strong organisation based on firm foundations, offering first class value and advice to all members.


To continue to offer training and clinics in UK where demand and finances allow.

Sense of community

To encourage all Friesian owners to participate and to enjoy events organised by the FHAGBI and its members

Our Services


UK Friesian Horse Studbook

Promoting the Friesian horse to excel in the UK, abiding by the values and guidance of the Friesland based Mother Stud Book, the KFPS

About Us

FHAGBI trading as The United Kingdom Friesian Horse Studbook (UKFHS) was established in 1995, and is the official UK representative of the Koninklijke Vereninging "Het Friesch Paarden-Stamboek" (KFPS), The Royal Society of the Friesian Horse Studbook in Friesland, the Netherlands. The KFPS is recognised as the European world Mother Studbook of the Friesian horse and is the world authority on the Friesian horse.

UKFHS is the sole authority recognised by the KFPS in the United Kingdom and will be working with and under their guidance. The KFPS also has associations in France, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, North America, Canada, South Africa, Spain, Luxembourg, Norway, Czech Republic, and Australia and at least 24 other countries.

UKFHS’s aim is to promote the pure breeding of Friesian horses in accordance with the breeding rules and regulations of the KFPS. It is managed by volunteers who are passionate about the breed and we currently have members which include owners, breeders and enthusiasts.

Ruth Sheikh

I am relatively new to Friesian ownership although me and my family have had horses working and pleasure horses for generations. I have always admired and loved Friesian horses but didn’t have the opportunity or space to own one in addition to our Welsh broodmares and family horses. I have been breeding full and part bred Welsh horses but missed the magic that only Friesian horses can bring. Their majesty, amazing natures and incredible movement is so magnetic that I couldn’t give up my dream. When we moved to our current stud I reached out and took some great advice from both here in the UK, and in the Netherlands, and started my Friesian journey. I have 4 kids and about 24 horses, who keep me very busy. I enjoy producing and showing my home-breds and have competed at Royal International, CHAPS, TOYS etc. In my professional life I have worked in pharmaceutics in Regulatory Affairs ensuring worldwide compliance of digital drug licence applications and clinical trials as well as running our own companies as director for the last 21 years. I am passionate about enabling British breeders to produce the best of Friesian qualities and safeguarding the future of breeding in the UK. I want to ensure our continued passport compliance and yet maintaining our close ties to Holland post Brexit so I am taking up the role of Registrar and will be able to help with your passport enquiries.

Lynsey Gordon

​I was the typical horsey kid, that did anything possible to get anywhere near a horse. Friesian horses always fascinated me and it was always my dream to someday have one. They exude something special for me that makes them unlike any other breed. Finally in 2016 I took the plunge and bought my first Friesian, Neeske who I imported from Holland. In November 2020 we welcomed Thialda into the family, who was pregnant when we imported her from Holland. She give birth to Roxburgh in April 2021 and they have been the perfect additions to our Friesian herd. They totally take my breath away when I see their beautiful faces and I can’t quite believe how lucky I am to have them in my life. I am the interim Company Secretary on the FHAGBI Board and am responsible for all the financial affairs. I’ve also taken on duties of the membership secretary. Looking forward to getting to know all the FHAGBI members and enjoying our black pearls.

Veronika Biedai

​I was born passionate about horses and been engaged with them for the most of my life. Completed BSc in Veterinary Medicine with distinction in Kiev, Ukraine, and had been working as a trainer at a large harness racing/training facility (Kiev Hippodrome) for 5 years before moving to UK to do MSc in Equine Science at Hartpury College. I had bought my first Friesian Pettie V. after graduation in 2009 and my heart was lost to Friesians forever.  Since then, I had two children, bought few more Friesians and bred nine foals.  I do love the Friesian Horse with all my heart, their beauty and their kind and intelligent nature. I am keen to use every opportunity to learn more about the breed.  My main interests are: Equine genetics, Modern Breeding Technics (I’m a trained Equine AI Technician), Dressage especially Classical approach, Equine Behaviour and Natural Horsemanship. I do love hacking, beach rides and enjoy doing any sorts of activities involving spending time with these magnificent creatures!

Ian Garbett

Together with my wife Gaynor, I am a partner in Fraithwen Friesians, in the hills of Mid Wales. We have been breeding KFPS registered friesians for 10 years now, and visit Holland many times a year to train ourselves, and move horses for breeding and training. We are very privileged to own several wonderful brood mares, and have bred 3 ster graded offspring to date with more youngstock coming through to be graded, and also had a UK supreme champion and two reserves, plus youngstock champions and other class champions. I drive our horses regularly and Gaynor rides, so many of our horses do both disciplines. Our horses are our hobby and passion and my work now is in renewables and building. As well as the breeding, we love recreational driving and riding, and love taking friends and visitors out to enjoy the horses with us. Pre covid we did many weddings with a pair of stallions and hope to get back into this soon, time permitting. I have always been passionate about learning and helping other people.

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